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Friday, April 4, 2008

Big Fat Wedding

The Big Fat Korean Irish Italian Southern Wedding Update

Dear Friends,

Dick and I returned late last night from a whirlwind week in Ca. filled with last minute wedding preparations right up until the morning of the wedding. We were initially going out a few days early to adjust to the time change so we'd be rested by the wedding day. Not to be though, as the programs came on Wed. with one of the bridesmaids names omitted. Had to have them reprinted and then proceed to fold 2 pages (250) each, punch holes and tie red ribbons in each one. fortunately some of my girlfriend helped with this process . As always happens we had additions and subtractions from the attendees at the last minute and since Dick was incharge of making place cards he had to make last minute adjustments. He and I sat up until after midnight on Sat. folding place cards and putting them in alphabetical order. This was after rehearsal dinner.

Speaking of rehearsal dinner. But first the rehearsal itself. As Kerri and Ron had planned the wedding, Dick and I had no idea what to expect. Since most of the groomsmen were comedians it was jovial affair and the minister and wedding planner got things under control enough for everyone to walk through what they were supposed to do. My only duty was to walk down the aisle, not cry, and light the unity candle with Ron's Mom I thought I could do this if the tears weren't flowing and my hands weren't shaking enough to set the cloth on fire. The wedding planner had everything planned right down to the minute but I wasn't at all confident that everything would be exactly as she had planned.

Now to dinner. Ron's mother and friends prepared a traditional Korean dinner with lots of different dishes. Everyone seemed to enjoy trying all the new food and appreciated the efforts of Ron's family.

Afterward dinner all the wedding guests were invited to attend a roast of Kerri and Ron presented by their friends, most of whom were comedians. Then Dick closed the evening with some very good comedy of his own which even the comedians thought was good. We always said he should be on tour. This was a fun evening and gave us and Kerri and Ron a chance to visit with guests prior to the wedding.

Sunday morning Dick and a friend delivered all the wedding favors, candles, name cards,etc. to the reception museum while Kerri and I proceeded to be pampered and have hair and makeup done by a make up artist who had done Oprah's makeup. My friend and hairdresser had flown in from Mi.. to attend the wedding so she did my hair and redid my makeup as well. (Didn't tell Oprah's girl). I went back to my room to get dressed and returned to Kerri's room to find her 7 bridesmaid dressed in their bright red dresses with black trim and black gloves and I told them I thought I had walked into a bordello. Actually the dresses were very pretty and were exactly what Kerri wanted.

Now to the wedding. As I said we had no idea what to expect. Kerri had hired an organist and violinist just to please her mother but also had a guitarist and bongo drummer(that made me a little nervous). All my friends said the pre wedding music was beautiful.

The procession started with several nieces and nephews walking down the aisle followed by mothers. The musicians began to play the theme from Gone With The Wind and I managed to make it down the aisle without a tear, walked up and it the candle with catching anything on fire, and made it back to my seat. Quite an accomplishment since my knees were shaking.

The bridesmaids walked down the aisle to the theme from Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory which is a very pretty song. Kerri's friend, the guitarist wrote and sang a special song for her to come down the aisle and it was beautiful and personal for her. Of course we thought she was a vision. Dick managed to get through his part of giving her away but he was emotional as we expected.

The ceremony was their ceremony. The minister read the traditional vows and then Kerri and Ron each read vows that they had written to each other; very touching.

Another some, bible readings, and they were pronounced man and wife after which each one addressed other's parents with a very sweet, touching speech about loving and cherishing the other and their families. Kerri even managed a few Korean sentences which made Ron's mom cry. I was proud of myself for not flooding the church. Maybe I was in shock and my tear ducts were closed up or I didn't want to ruin that professional makeup job.

Anyway after pictures, we proceeded to the reception which was held at a Latin Museum. the guests were able to tour while having appetizers and waiting for wedding party. Outside the hall, the paparazzi including Joan Rivers were waiting to interview guests as they arrived. Elvis was there to take pictures with guests.

When the wedding party arrived they were assailed by paparazzi and then made their way inside, down the red carpet where they were introduced to the guests accompanied by movie theme music. The decorations were like a Hollywood premiere with all the table linens and napkins a mixture of bright colors. Each table had a movie theme and the center pieces (which Ron made) were a small 3 sided poster of the movies with a vase of red roses inthe center surrounded by candles and rose petals. There was a chocolate fountain which was the hit of the evening as well as a Krispy Kreme wedding cake.

After dinner Kerri and Ron changed into traditional Korean costumes for a ceremony in which their family members sat on the floor behind a table setup with mounds of figs and dates. The couple had to bow to the floor 3 times after which the family throws figs and dates for Kerri to catch in a sash and the that signified how many children they will have. The family also threw money which was why Kerri was so enthused about the ceremony. Dick and I participated as well and threw about 100 figs and no money since we had already thrown a lot of money in the past few months.

Next was the Father Daughter dance. Dick asked all the groomsmen to come forward to do backup singing and dancing and he had chosen "My Girl" as the son. He and Kerri put on quite a performance considering they had not rehearsed.

Then came Kerri and Ron's dance. They first showed a video of Ron proposing to Kerri on stage to the tune "I've Had the Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing. Then they proceeded to do the dance from the movie and since they had been practicing for several weeks they were very professional and impressive. An artist friend of Kerri's made a poster from the movie with Kerri and Ron's heads on Jennifer Grey's and Patrick Swatze' bodies and everyone signed the poster. As Kerri said she didn't want anyone to be bored at her wedding and I think she got her wish.

Everyone seemed to get in the spirit of and there was lots of dancing, fun, laughter and chocolate everywhere. Even though there were moments in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding that I was a little nervous about what it was going to be like, I couldn't have been more pleased. It was truly beautiful, special, memorable, and certainly not boring.

We hope to have a video and pictures soon to share with you. Now we can envy the happy couple as they spend 2 weeks basking in the sun in Hawaii. So different from mine and Dick's honeymoon driving to Waycross Ga so Dick could see what the song was all about, then up the coast of Carolinas over to Elyria, Ohio where someone broke into our car at night and stole most of my clothes and our wedding book. I was ready to go back to t he South. But here we are 37 years later in Paradise.

Wish you all could have been at the wedding of the year or century.



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